Sanctuary At Soledad Jean Jacket $40.00

Look like a bad-a$$ protector for the animals in this limited edition denim embroidered Sanctuary at Soledad jean jacket, WOW!

Strut like you’re on the cat-walk while wearing this incredibly hip, trendy, full sleeve button-up eco-friendly denim jacket.

Made with 100% cotton denim embroidered with LOVE



The best thing you can do before you walk outside to start your day, is to put on this Sanctuary at Soledad jean jacket.

Many of your closest friends and family will stand in awe at the fluorescent glow of light emitting from your upper body, because the magnificent beaming aura of this animal-protector custom fit jean jacket.

These are extremely limited edition jean jackets, after we sell out of these, they will be GONE for GOOD! (Do NOT miss out on your chance to get this limited edition jacket, you will regret this for a long time)

This jean jacket is ONE SIZE fits all. Why not gamble with proper sizing, and test your luck with our one-size fits all sizing guide. We cannot disclose the fitment of this jacket, because we don’t even know! All we know is that it fits great 50% of the time for 50% of the people that will purchase this, sounds like a winner to me!

**WARNING** This jean jacket is for the extreme fashionista/fashionister (male version of the fashionista), do not dare wear this without proper style.

Can be customized with a personalized paw print of your favorite animal. What could be better than a site de cul gay gratuit muddy paw print autograph from one of our piggies, oink oink!